More Than Words is a translation service – and much more. Years of experience living back and forth between Poland and the English-speaking world, including extended stays in America, have given us a deep, rich understanding of how the two languages interact. Go beyond mere translation, and let More Than Words communicate the true full meaning of your message. You have come to the right place.


At More Than Words, you will find expert translation from English to Polish and back again, up to the highest professional level in each.

True Meaning

More Than Words can take you beyond mere translation, to convey the true meaning of your message. Idioms need never trip up your understanding again.

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Use the Contact page to send a message, or call +48 661218991

Look Smart in Polish

If you are using Google Translate for your English-Polish texts, you could be making hilarious mistakes. Get REAL translation with More Than Words.

04th Sep 2013
We are open!

We are open!

This is the place! And now is the time…. for you to get real, professional English-Polish translation by someone who actually knows both languages.